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The Good Book of Business by Don Farrell | Annie Armen Contributing Author |

GBOB is a collaborative venture by
Don Farrell with 30 Trusted, Small Business and Entrepreneurial Professionals.
The Good Book of Business (GBOB)


(GBOB, E-Book Version Only) is not just another business book! The Good Book of Business IS:

-- the daily business bread for your start-up or organization

-- the roadmap to revenues salvation

-- the most redeeming book of answers to questions about small and medium sized business challenges.

Let me put it to you this way: You could go back to college for 4 years and not learn what you can learn in this terrific, comprehensive manual!

Stay tuned ...

The Power of Mentorship Finding Your Passion  Book | Annie Armen Contributing Author |

This project was a rare treat! For the very first time, Dr. Group from GHC and I
co-authored in the same book. Dr. G -- I loved your chapter on "The Secret to Self Confidence, Passion and Success!" Simply amazing! ~ Annie
Power of Mentorship -- FindingYour PASSION!

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Get Inspired Now to Take Action and Start Living Your Dreams!

This powerful and compelling book includes insight and perspective from leading minds to help guide you in making the best choices to achieve and enjoy success!  Featured authors include Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Dr. Edward Group III, Annie Armen, and more.

-- How can you benefit from reading The Power of Mentorship:  Finding Your Passion?
-- What do Customers Say about the Power of Mentorship, Finding Your Passion?
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Annie Armen's Legends in Excellence Audio Anthology |
Limited Time Offer
$39.95 $29.95

Experience SUCCESS LIGHTNING AHA's of a lifetime when you order Annie Armen's latest audio anthology -- “Legends in Excellence – The Series” today!

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