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Annie Armen Testimonial | Denis Waitley | Annie Armen is a National Treasure!

"If you want to connect your inner essence to your outer
achievements and fulfillment, listen to her soul-deep mentoring and reflections. She has that rare ability to speak directly to you on a personal level with life- changing impact."

~ Denis Waitley, Renowned Speaker
Author of “The Psychology of Winning".

Annie Armen is a Seasoned Communications Artist and Specialist!

I have known Annie Armen for over 10 years and I don’t believe it is possible to accurately convey the true depth and breadth of her indefatigable efforts to help others succeed in every aspect of business and life. Annie is all about Givers Gain and has continued to go above and beyond in giving to me and to the entire BNI® organization from the day I met her. 

Annie is a highly talented, seasoned Communications Artist and Specialist -- a shining beacon of trust, knowledge, generosity, kindness, strength, and good will to each and every person she crosses paths with.  She epitomizes mastery when it comes to building trusted relationships. When she meets someone, she doesn’t just “make deposits” toward investing in building a relationship, she invests absolutely everything she has into creating a lifelong friendship with that person and she will not only be there to support them when they need it, she will actively seek out ways to support them on a consistent basis when they haven’t even asked for help!

They say that Ignorance on Fire is better than knowledge on ice. Annie Armen has the best combination of both! She's knowledgeable and SHE IS ON FIRE!  She is a living, breathing example of success through uncompromising Faith and never bowing to the seemingly impossible. 

I HIGHLY recommend Annie Armen as a speaker!"

~ Ivan Misner, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman at BNI – Business Network International.
Annie Armen Testimonial | Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI |

Annie Armen Testimonial | California State Senator Carol Liu |

Annie Armen's Personal Qualities and Professional Abilities are Exemplary!

"Dear Annie:

I regard your professional, civic and charitable activities, especially at your relatively young age, as a model for personal involvement and caring. Your personal qualities and professional abilities are exemplary, and I know you will play a significant role in the continued development of the community and its business and civic growth for many years to come!

Best of all, you have become a very positive and public role model for many youngsters to emulate. Your devotion to education, family, service, and community, sets the most worthy example of good citizenship, one I can only hope will be adopted by many of your peers and those in the next generation who come after you.

You have surely earned the plaudits and appreciation of your family, friends, and professional colleagues, and I look forward to reading about your future success!"


~Carol Liu
California State Senator, 25th District since 2008
State Assembly, 44th District (2000 - 2006)

Annie Armen Captured my Heart!

“Hearing Annie Armen speak here, in the Dominican Republic for the very first time, captured my heart, as if I have known her all my life. …”

~Isabel Mejia de Grullon
Former Presidenta in the Dominican Republic

Annie Armen Testimonial | Presidenta Isabel Mejia de Grullon, Dominican Republic |

Annie Armen Testimonial | Chris Gardner | ANNIE ARMEN -- YOU CAN INTRODUCE ME ANYWHERE!

~ Chris Gardner, Author of New York Times Best Seller -- "The Pursuit of Happyness", and his latest book -- "Start Where You Are: Life Lessons in Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Gardner was also the inspiration for the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness,” released by Columbia Pictures in December 2006. Will Smith starred as Gardner and received Academy Award, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations for his performance. Gardner was an associate producer on the film.

Annie Armen's Enthusiasm is Contagious!

"Dear Annie,  

On behalf of the management and the board of directors at RBN, I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for speaking to our group last week. Your presentation and performance was well targeted for our audience of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Your use of humor and your ability to make your subject very understandable made your presentation a great success. Your enthusiasm was contagious!

We at RBN thoroughly benefited from your presentation and enjoyed the way you delivered your message!"

~Yousef Shafiee
President / CEO at Relationship Building Network (RBN)
Annie Armen Testimonial | Yousef Shafiee, RBN |

Annie Armen Client Testimonial | Dr. Edward Group III, GHC | Annie Armen is all Heart!

"What sets Annie apart from others is her heart, and her gift in communicating your message in a relatable manner across barriers, helping you establish real connection with your target audience!  I have made a true friend in Annie for life. We need more people like Ms. Armen in the world who stand up for what they believe in and spread the TRUTH to the masses.

Annie, thank you for helping my dream become a reality! Everyday the work you do changes the lives of thousands of people.  I am truly blessed to have you in my life!"

~ Dr. Edward Group,
Founder, CEO and Clinical Director at Global Healing Center.

Annie Armen is The Communications Artist!

"Whether it involves managing a book project, editing, writing, coaching, providing key insights with directional edge that makes a statement and sells, being interviewed by Annie over the radio, or delivering a speech with conviction on her impactful methods for conveying key cultural disciplines in any environment – Annie Armen is The Communications Artist who stands out with her exceptional abilities.

Refreshingly Honest, strong, sound convictions and beliefs, personally and professionally experienced, passionate, while having a good heart and strong character … I highly endorse Annie Armen’s professional services."

~ Don Farrell, Chief Cultivating Officer at
Fresh Revenues, Inc.

Annie Armen Client Testimonial | Don Farrell, Fresh Revenues |

Annie Armen Client Testimonial | John McGrann, Drive Social Media |



Annie Armen Does it!

"Some dream it, some plan it, some talk it…Annie does it! Annie has two key qualities which drive her own high performance and can drive your performance too – passion and integrity.

Annie is on a mission to serve as a bridge between your vision & your performance, turning visions into success stories. In partnership, she will combine her undoubted business, communications and interpersonal skills to lead and inspire you and your team. 

Put your trust in this lady and enjoy the ride. I am delighted to recommend Annie Armen as The Ultimate Communications Artist!”

~John McGrann
Chief Executive Officer at Drive Social Media,
headquartered in Dubai.

Annie Armen is the Best Verbal Visualizer I have ever met! 

"Annie is a true talent for helping people see through listening, capable of moving audiences off their seats and into the heat of battle with passion, purpose and highly motivated action.  Her approach is honest, fresh and most of all fun!

Annie is a true professional with the power to engage -- and sometimes, enrage -- the listener... helping them gain a fresh perspective on even the most complex subject matter.

Annie Armen is truly the HEART of Legends in Excellence If you are looking for someone to motivate and inspire an audience to Excellence in Action... to one day become a Legend In Excellence™... look no further.

You found Annie “The Hurricane” Armen ... a powerful natural force for achievement!

Most of all, Annie Armen is authentic -- the real deal!"

~ E.R. Haas, CEO at Think TQ
Proud Publisher of Legends in Excellence™ -- The Series


Annie Armen's Legends in Excellence Audio Anthology |

Annie Armen Testimonial | Scott Buchholz, ONA | Annie Armen is a Pure Visionary Leader!

"Annie Armen is truly an amazing person. Her ideas are flowing all the time in a non-stop stream of consciousness, a pure visionary leader. She's able to view the entire picture ahead of the marketplace with the skills and mindset to achieving success. Her networking prowess is highly regarded and respected, only to be exceeded by her passion for life and the sincerity of her communication to all. Rarely do I say this about anyone, but I am very proud to know Annie."

~ Scott Buchholz
Founder of Open Networkers Alliance (ONA)

Annie Armen is Bigger Than Life!

"Annie Armen is a Great Speaker!  Her energy, enthusiasm, is second to none! She connects with people! Her energy is so strong! She is a people person. More than that, she’s a friend.

Annie Armen is a true Master Networker. She practices “Givers Gain” and she does love to help other people.

If you have any event that you need a keynote speaker, I would not hesitate to recommend Annie Armen, and you would not regret having Annie at your events."

~Sam Schwartz, Director of Training, BNI Europe | National Director, BNI-Israel, BNI-Hungary, BNI-Romania, BNI-Bulgaria
Annie Armen Testimonial | Sam Schwartz, BNI |

Annie Armen Testimonial | Ann Longanecker, BNI | Annie Armen is a Force of Nature!

"There’s a reason why they call Annie Armen, 'The Hurricane'!  

Several years ago I had the privilege to attend one of her AnnieBiotics® workshops and it was a remarkable experience that I will never forget. Annie was confident before her audience, challenging everyone in the room to think and grow.

Annie is also known as a Passionate champion for Children’s rights. Bad guys Beware! Annie’s rather like a modern-day Super-Hero… Passionate and Relentless in her search for Truth, justice and helping everyone to find their Success in Life. Most important, I am honored to call her my friend.

She’s a “Force of Nature” and I am honored to recommend her as a Speaker for your next event!" 

~Ann-Marie Rael Longanecker, Executive Assistant at BNI
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