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Knowledge, Insights, LIFE Experiences, REAL Stories, Drums and FUN!

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General Topics Speaking Programs

1.How to Bridge the Communication Gap Across Cultural Divides 1. WHY am I Here
2.How to Create a Fresh Communications Climate in Business and in Life 2. WHO am I
3. Thought Leadership | Core Values | Character Development 3. What do I Want
4. Confidence Development (covers EnCOURAGEment, EmPOWERment, Validation, Acknowledgment, Love...) 4. WHAT am I Going to do About it
5. How to Cultivate a Culture of Trust 5. I BELIEVE I can get it

6. Beyond Customer Service | How to Build Loyal and Lasting Client Relationships

6. I Will get out of my Way and GO FOR IT

7 Performance Boosters | Understanding the flow of INNERgy, Energy, Synergy Dynamics as game-changers in Business and in Life

7. Connect | Communicate | Cultivate
8. EGO Management | Bullying  
9. Relationship Damn-namics vs. Dynamics  
10. LIFE | Purpose | Spiritual and Emotional Wellness  

Core Values

Faith, Power, and Performance (in that order).
Faith to believe  |  Power to choose  |  Performance to act now


Helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and organizational leaders bridge the communication gap across cultural divides, actualize their VISION and grow their business.


Any organization which lacks in trust will soon discover they will lack in funds down the road, negatively impacting their performance, productivity and bottom-line. Building trust within an environment where communication is scarce, preferential, fragmented, or just shattered presents a complex challenge. Therefore, an experienced communications speaker can be invaluable toward bridging those gaps of misunderstandings, tensions, unintended consequences, and lingering internal divisions to evoke collective trust, maximize performance, and generate desired ROI. 

Authored Books, Cd-s:

1. Published Author | Producer:  Legends in Excellence™ (audio anthology with motivational legends: Denis Waitley, Zig Ziglar, Stephen M.R. Covey, and more)

2. Featured Author:  Power of Mentorship – Finding Your Passion
in collaboration with world renowned authors Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, and Brian Tracy just to name a few.

3. Business Partner | Communications Project Manager | Contributing Author: 
The Good Book of Business

Achievements and Awards:

1. Celebrating 20+ Years in Communications Excellence!

2. 2011, Keynote Speaker and Lecturer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at Sunway University -- 
Jeffrey Cheah, The Renowned Speaker Series

3. Since 2013, part of Professional Speaker Series with Daniels College of Business  

4. Senior Executive Producer, Director, Host for Annie Armen Show (Television, Terrestrial and Online Radio) -- Marking 10+ Years in Broadcast Excellence

5. Annie Armen was honored by the California State Senate, County of Los Angeles, United States Senate, and Assembly Members for her accomplishments and dedication to family, service, community, and excellence!  See Certificates of Recognition

6. Client Testimonials | Television and Radio Reviews | Speaking Endorsements 

Why Bring Annie Armen to Speak at Your Event:

Your audience will instantly feel and understand that Annie "gets" them!

“… Annie Armen has that rare ability to speak directly to you on a personal level with life- changing impact."  ~Denis Waitley, Author of The Psychology of Winning

Experience meaningful content that gets under your skin;  a life empowered message combined with wit, humor and percussive rhythm to evoke your greatest inborn strengths and creative potentials to surface so you too can authenticate YOUR WHY, breakthrough the communication gap, and actualize your lifelong vision, impacting generations to come in business and in life.

As a professional speaker, Annie Armen has conducted various speaking programs to literally scores of thousands of people over a 20+ years of a communications career worldwide.   Today she focuses her speaking on edu-taining presentations to conferences, conventions, tradeshows, college events and more in between.

"Apprehend your vision and work relentlessly toward making it a reality.  WHY?  Only when your vision manifests in tangible form, is when you can set your vision free to the world, and leave your legacy to positively impact future generations to come." ~Annie Armen

Inspirational -- Interactional -- Innovational -- That's Annie Armen, The Communications Artist!

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